Heidelberg University
Department of Psychology
Hauptstraße 47-51
Building 3011
69117 Heidelberg, Germany

Dr. Jan Rummel
Junior Research Group Leader
Room 012 (Pavillon)
Tel. +49 6221 54-7122


Junior Research Group „Cognition and Attention Regulation Lab (CARL)“


to the websites of the Cognition and Attention Regulation Lab (CARL). Our research group is part of the Field of Focus „Self-Regulation and Regulation“ (FoF4) at Heidelberg University, which is supported and funded by the Excellence Initiative. Our principle investigator is Jan Rummel.

With our research we aim to get a better understanding of the processes underlying human self-regulation with a special focus on the adaptive value of these processes. Our research topics include the investigation of self-initiated remembering of intentions (prospective memory), state and trait tendencies to engage in task-unrelated thoughts (mind wandering), self-regulated information integration in judgment and decision making, as well as intentional forgetting.

We teach cognitive psychology as well as psychological research methods.

Further information regarding our lab members can be found under the heading team.



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