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Third Announcement of Funding Lines by the Research Council of Field of Focus 3

The announcement of the Funding Lines by the Research Council of the Field of Focus 3 “Cultural Dynamics in Globalised Worlds” (FoF 3) comes as part of the university’s institutional strategy of the Excellence Initiative II. With this announcement, the University of Heidelberg is offering financial resources for small- and medium-sized scientific projects, particularly those of an interdisciplinary nature. The allocation of the funds will be done in free competition within the university. In this round of applications, a total of maximum € 250.000 is available for all five of the funding lines of the FoF 3 (“Cultural Heritage and History”, “Language, Cognition, Culture”, “Text-Worlds”, “Transcultural Studies” and “Core Facilities”).



This funding is above all designed to bring about a renewed theoretical and methodological development in the profile areas defined in the funding lines and promote a dialogue across disciplines at the University of Heidelberg. Backing can be given to scientific projects of a maximum of 12 months duration, and, in special cases, conferences and workshops that promote the strategic development of the Heidelberg humanities with a view to the overall objectives of FoF 3. In addition, start-up funding (maximum duration 12 months) may be granted for scientific project applications with a viable future perspective within a larger funding context (e.g.  DFG, BMBF, ERC). Co-operations with partners outside the university are expressly desired. Applications may be written in German or English. The funding of individual qualification theses (e.g. habilitation theses) is not possible.


Target Group:

Eligible to apply are scientists with a doctoral degree from all faculties of the University of Heidelberg.


Fundable Costs:

Eligible for funding are personnel costs (including applicant’s own post), material resources and travel expenses. Not eligible are building work, teaching and research trips that are not part of a project, and items of basic equipment.


Application Deadline:

Applications must be made by 28 December 2014 at latest in electronic form via the application platform (see right column) of the FoF 3. Applications submitted later or in hard copy (paper) will be excluded from the selection procedure. Decisions about funding are to be expected in the second half of February 2015.  The proposed funding period starts on April 1, 2015.


Assessment and Decision:

The Research Council of the FoF 3 will make a recommendation, the decision to grant funding is made by the Chancellor’s Office at the University of Heidelberg.



Ineligible for the application procedure are applications that have already been submitted to other funding agencies. By submitting the application you confirm that the application has not been entered for any other selection procedure.


For questions regarding the application or the funding lines, please send an e-mail to the General Manager of the FoF 3, Frau Dr. Martina Engelbrecht (

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