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Archivum Laureshamense – digital

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Stefan Weinfurter (Department of History)

Research Assistant: Carolin Schreiber M. A.

Funding line: Cultural Heritage and History

The research for the Monastery of Lorsch based for the most part on documents, which are distributed in manny German Archives. The project Archivum Laureshamense – digital at the research facility “History and Cultural Heritage” at Heidelberg University intends to establish a virtual assembly as well as to provide an editorial analysis of the full stock of documents still preserved to this day in the Lorsch Monastery´s archives. The access to a yet unknown body of sources enabled by that is a prerequisite for adressing many questions concerning the Monastery of Lorsch in its various states of administration, e. g. the positioning of monasterial strategies to ensure and support dominion on a territorial and Reich level and more contextual and material fields of research.

The development of Archivum Laureshamense – digital takes place in two consecutive phases. First, all archives are identified, examined and gathered systematically, patronized by the Exzellenzinitiative Field of Focus 3. As for the second phase, all documents are digitized, made accessible editorially and published in the Archivum Laureshamense – digital. This is made possible through a state- and institutional-wide cooperation of the Heidelberg research facility History and Cultural Heritage, the Institute for Franconian-Palatine History and Regional Studies, the Heidelberg University Library and the Hessian Administration for Castles and Gardens.

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