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Heidelberg Center for Cultural Heritage (HCCH)

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Christian Witschel (Department of Ancient History and Epigraphy)

Funding line:  Core facilities

The “Heidelberg Center Cultural Heritage” (HCCH) was established in February 2013 to achieve the sustainable integration and long-term development of existing expertise at Heidelberg University in fundamental research into the cultural legacies of past and present societies. Applying the results of fundamental disciplinary and interdisciplinary research to the analysis, documentation, indexing, maintenance, museum presentation and vivid realization of this cultural heritage is one of the HCCH’s most important tasks.

The aim of the HCCH – using a scientific approach – is to address the many challenges that arise from research into and the preservation of humanity’s cultural heritage, especially in scientific, political, legal and socio-cultural terms, by establishing a multi- and interdisciplinary network of excellence and by carrying the results into university teaching and the training of young scientists.

As a core facility the HCCH is open to the Humanities and all other disciplines in the field of cultural heritage and promotes sustainable multidisciplinary communication and cooperation between the participating scientists and institutions. With the financial support of FoF3 the HCCH will continue its work and will in particular begin to establish a network of cooperation with internal and external partners (such as research institutes and museums).

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