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Prof. Dr. Ekkehard Felder
Deputy spokesperson
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Dr. Nele Schneidereit
Management / Coordination
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Projects 2019

In 2019 Field of Focus 3 especially supports projects from the thematic spectra Cultural Heritage and Transcultural Studies. A further emphasis is put on approaches within Digital/Computational Humanities und their cross-linking at Heidelberg University. Funds were given for interdisciplinary designed projects which will either host a kick-off workshop or prepare a proposal for third party funding. Both funding lines are meant to strengthen the Field of Focus‘ profile or to build bridges to Field of Focus 4.

1. Mapping the Spanish Language: Societal, cultural and educational spaces of the spanish language in Europe
Project leader: Hector Álvarez Mella


2. Interdisciplinary Forum of Digital Text Science
Project leader: Christopher Nunn/Stefan Karcher 


3. Seals, Stamps and Administration: Digitizing Bureaucracy – Preserving Cultural Heritage (Kick Off-Workshop)
Project leader: Kristina Sieckmeyer (Uruk-Warka-Collection)


4. Digital Tsingtau Archive (German Soldies in Japanese War Captivity Druring World War I) 
Project leader: Dr. Takuma Melber (HCTS)


5. ePolyGlott: Multilingual Historic Encyclopedias with (cleric)Slavic Parts as Cultural Heritage in the Digital Modern Age
Project Leader: Prof. Dr. Irina Podtergera


7. Uncover Hidden Cultural Heritage. Visualizations of Historic Cultural and Natural Landscapes on the Example of ‚Zullestein‘
Project leader: PD Dr. Roland Prien (HCCH)


8. Digitising Heritage – An International Workshop
Project leader: Dr. Carsten Wergin, Dr. Stefanie Affeldt


9. Measured Figures. Quantities and Qualities of Dramatic Characters – Poetics and Texts between 1740 and 1920
Project Leader: Dr. Marcus Willand


10. Knowledge Management in Transitional Situations in Science. Individual and Institutional Aspects During Replacements and Retirement
Project leader: Prof. Dr. Katja Patzel-Mattern, Dr. Agnes Speck (Gleichstellungsbüro)
Co-Funded by Field of Focus 4.

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