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WOMAN & MAN: What Unites Us – What Divides Us

Press Release No. 106/2017
18 July 2017
10th edition of the research magazine “Ruperto Carola”
RuCa 10/2017

Picture: Hans Gissinger / Trunk Archive

How come there are two genders? Why do they devote so much energy and time to sexual procreation? These are some of the fundamental questions dealt with in one of the articles appearing in the latest edition of the research magazine “Ruperto Carola” with its focal theme WOMAN & MAN. 25 academics from Heidelberg University take up the complex differences and points in common between the sexes. They examine the various facets of the categories “women” and “men” that are part of our fundamental make-up.

Heidelberg researchers study the question of what constitutes a man or woman from the angle of development psychology. Besides genetic and hormonal factors, they mainly focus on the diverse social factors that contribute to the development of sexual identity. Other contributions ask why men die earlier than women, or deal with parenthood and the wish for children. The new edition features authors from medicine, law and theology, from criminology, art history and Romance languages and literature.

The research magazine “Ruperto Carola” appears twice a year in German, with English abstracts. Its intended readership is all members of the university, their partners in research, politics, business and society, along with alumni, friends and an interested public at home and abroad. The magazine is available in the Communications and Marketing department of Heidelberg University (Alte Universität, Grabengasse 1).

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