Number of Students at Universität Heidelberg Tops the 30,000 Mark

Press Release No. 227/2012
15 October 2012
Highest student count since the early 1990s – Number of first-year students remains high

In the winter term 2012/13 the total number of students at Heidelberg University will easily top the 30,000 mark. At present there are more than 30,200 students enrolled, a record number unequalled since the early 1990s and an increase over and against last winter semester (29,488 students).

The University’s Divison of Education is proceeding on the assumption that this figure will rise again slightly in the coming weeks. Due to subsequent admissions and international applicants the overall registration procedure is not over yet. The number of first-year students cannot be finalised either. At present there are over 5,500 new enrolments including 4,500 first-ever enrolments, i.e. students who have never been enrolled at a German university before.

“The high number of newly enrolled students is similar to the high figures we had in 2009/10 and 2010/11,” says Prof. Dr. Friederike Nüssel, Vice Rector for Education. Last winter term there was a pronounced hike in the number of first-year students (6,300 new enrolments, 4,900 first-ever enrolments), probably caused by two student years leaving school at once in Bavaria. “This year’s numbers are moving in that direction,” Prof. Nüssel adds, “but at present we cannot say whether they will actually reach the same level.”

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