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New Location for the Typographic Installation “Dem lebendigen Geist”

21 09 2009
Giant steel letters move to the Neuenheimer Feld campus
Typographic Installation “Dem lebendigen Geist”  
Typographic Installation “Dem lebendigen Geist”

Over the past few months the typographic installation “Dem lebendigen Geist” has been on show on Heidelberg’s Universitätsplatz (University Square) and has reaped enthusiastic responses from the public. It has now moved to its permanent location on the Neuenheimer Feld campus. The 18 steel sculptures weighing between 260 and 370 pounds and representing the letters contained in the dedication “Dem lebendigen Geist” can now be admired on the lawns to the north of the Kirchhoff Institute of Physics at the edge of the big open space in front of the Theoretikum building. This is the main access point to the campus from the Mönchhofstrasse. Many medical and scientific institutes enclose the site. The adjacent central university canteen is a meeting place for students and research staff.

The almost six-foot red letters were made by apprentices of the Freudenberg Group (Weinheim). It was their contribution to the success of the ambitious fundraising project in the framework of the “Dem lebendigen Geist” campaign. The project is designed to raise donations for the renovation and modernisation of the Neue Universität building in time for the 625th anniversary celebrations of the Universität Heidelberg. The typographic installation was on show from late June to September of this year on the Universitätsplatz and quickly became a popular attraction for citizens and tourists. The dedication “Dem lebendigen Geist” (“To the Creative Mind”) is inscribed over the main entrance to the Neue Universität.

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