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Outstanding Award for Şevin Turcan

3 December 2018

Heidelberg scientist receives the Hella Bühler Prize endowed with 100,000 euros

Hella-Bühler Preis

Photo: Rothe

Universitätsrektor Prof. Dr. Bernhard Eitel (links) überreicht den Hella-Bühler-Preis an die Preisträgerin des Jahres 2018, Dr. Şevin Turcan. Rechts der Laudator Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wick.

Heidelberg researcher Dr Şevin Turcan, an expert in biomedical engineering, is the recipient of the 2018 Hella Bühler Prize, which is endowed with 100,000 euros. The prize awarded by Ruperto Carola is aimed at young researchers in Heidelberg whose outstanding cancer research has garnered well-deserved attention. The prize monies are used to further advance their innovative research. Dr Turcan works at the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) Heidelberg researching the biology of gliomas, specific brain tumours of the central nervous system. In the Department for Neurology at Heidelberg University Hospital, she directs a Max Eder junior research group at the NCT with funding from German Cancer Aid. University President Prof. Dr Bernhard Eitel presented the award during a ceremony held at the International Academic Forum of Heidelberg University at the end of November 2018. The laudatory speech for this year's prizewinner was given by Prof. Dr Wolfgang Wick, Executive Director of the Neurology Clinic and Head of the Neurooncology Clinical Cooperation Unit at the German Cancer Research Center.

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