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Life sciences and medicine in first place Germany-wide

30 September 2016

Top placings in Times Higher Education subject ranking

Heidelberg Life Sciences and Medicine both take first place in a ranking list by subject groups, according to the Times Higher Education World University Ranking. In this subject ranking for the field of Clinical, Pre-Clinical and Health Heidelberg University has risen from second to first place in Germany. In the field of Life Sciences – like last year – Heidelberg again tops the list in Germany. With a further top rating, Physical Sciences has now landed in second place. For these three subjects, Heidelberg University comes in 28th and 30th compared to the rest of the world. In the ranking for the university as a whole, that appeared a week ago, Heidelberg is designated the second best in Germany after Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. Worldwide it is number 43 and Europe-wide it is ranked 13th.

The criteria of the Times Higher Education (THE) subject ranking correspond to those of the overall university ranking, but they are weighted differently, as is each of the subject groups. The weighting depends on carefully calibrated performance indicators in five areas: teaching, research, citations, international outlook and funding from industry.


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