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Eleven Subjects Earn Top Spots in CHE University Ranking

5 May 2015

Excellent results especially for medicine in Heidelberg

Heidelberg University ranked highly in a total of eleven subjects in the recently published CHE University Ranking. Human medicine at the Medical Faculty Heidelberg fared best in the 2015 ranking, scoring in the top group in five assessment criteria: overall study situation, support from teachers, graduations in appropriate time, scientific publications, and dovetailing of pre-clinical and clinical studies. The Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) evaluates more than 30 subjects at over 300 hundred universities and institutions of higher education in German-speaking countries. Each year one-third of the subjects is re-evaluated.

Geography, pharmacy, and political science as well as the human medicine programme at the Medical Faculty Mannheim of Heidelberg University also earned excellent scores in this year’s ranking, each faring well in three evaluation criteria. Geography is in the top group in employability, research funding, and graduations in appropriate time. Pharmacy ranks highly in support from teachers, graduations in appropriate time, and scientific publications. Political science excelled for the overall study situation, support from teachers, and employability. Human medicine in Mannheim ranked among the best in support from teachers, scientific publications, and dovetailing of pre-clinical/clinical studies.

Other subjects that ranked in the top group include the earth sciences (employability, graduations in appropriate time), computer science (doctorates), mathematics and physics (graduations in appropriate time), sports sciences (employability) and dentistry (scientific publications).

Besides facts on study programmes, teaching, and facilities/equipment, the university ranking takes into account the opinions of more than 150,000 students on the conditions of study at their university. The results for all subjects are published in the DIE ZEIT Study Guide.

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