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18 April 2000

New Karl Feuerstein Chair of Medicine for the University of Heidelberg at Mannheim

Chair sponsored by the DaimlerChrysler AG – Vice-rector Tröger: "Together with the work being done at the Heidelberg Faculty this new Chair will make the University of Heidelberg a major international centre for pain research"

The Rectorate of the University of Heidelberg welcomes the establishment of the Karl Feuerstein Chair of Medicine at the Medical Faculty of Heidelberg University at Mannheim. The 3 million marks required to finance the Chair for the first 10 years of its existence will be donated by the DaimlerChrysler AG. The Chair will be devoted to pain research and treatment, with research results being incorporated as fast as possible into day-to-day patient care. "Together with work being done at the Heidelberg Faculty this new Chair will make the University of Heidelberg a major international pain research centre," said Prof. Dr. Jochen Tröger, vice-rector with special responsibility for medicine. The Chair will be integrated into the Institute of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Operative Care. The medical director of the Institute, Prof. Dr. Klaus van Ackern, was centrally operative in bringing about the foundation of the Karl Feuerstein Chair of Medicine.

The decision to establish the Chair goes back to a joint initiative on the part of the chairman of the board of directors of the DaimlerChrysler AG, Jürgen E. Schrempp, and Erich Klemm, successor in office to Karl Feuerstein, who died in November of last year. Feuerstein officiated for many years as the chairman of the company's works council and deputy chairman of its board of supervisors. After a period of 10 years the financing of the Chair will be taken over by the state of Baden-Württemberg.

DaimlerChrysler AG fulfils the legacy of Karl Feuerstein

In a joint communiqué‚ Jürgen E. Schrempp and Erich Klemm point out that in establishing this Chair the DaimlerChrysler company is fulfilling the legacy of Karl Feuerstein. During his severe illness Feuerstein was cared for at the University Hospital in Mannheim and in the terminal stages displayed profound gratitude for a form of care that enabled him to end his days with dignity and largely free of pain.

In the spirit of Karl Feuerstein's legacy the new chair of medicine will be devoted to pain research and treatment and ways of improving pain therapy for the benefit of patients, their families and not least the medical and nursing staff.

The relevant bodies within the medical Faculties at Heidelberg and Mannheim will immediately set about establishing the new Chair and selecting a suitable incumbent in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education and Research in Stuttgart.

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