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6 April 2000

Web Magazine "Ruperto Online" Features Technology Transfer at the University

Wide-ranging cooperation offer from Technology Transfer liaison officer—Three transfer centres (earth sciences, biotechnology, Centre for Interdisciplinary Scientific Computing)

What do companies and public-sector employers expect from a university? Graduates personifying a "transfer of minds", an influx of new knowledge and their fair share of enterprise and initiative? The Transfer Technology Unit of the University of Heidelberg shows that these are not the only channels linking the University with potential markets. The Unit is centrally featured in the latest issue of "Ruperto Online", the University's web magazine.

The Technology Transfer liaison officer has cooperation opportunities galore in store for anyone who cares to look in, whether from the region around Heidelberg or much further afield. Application-oriented research at the University of Heidelberg is wide-ranging indeed, and three Transfer centres for the life sciences, biotechnology and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Scientific Computing are working under the same roof establishing a hotline to the business world. The research areas with the biggest chances of success include pharmaceutical technology, molecular genetics, image processing and modelling, urban and regional marketing and geographic information systems.

But the information drive is by no means a one-way affair. University members with an innovative idea they feel could be marketable can apply to the Unit for a detailed information package. Many topics are dealt with, ranging from setting up in business to patent laws. An overview targeted students tells them how they can go about getting a first whiff of the practicalities of the business world.

The top billing for the Technology Transfer Unit in the April issue of "Ruperto Online" goes into detail on the initiatives evolving there and guides interested companies to the research database. This electronically tappable mine of information gives a rundown of the research projects at present under way at all Heidelberg University departments and at the Medical Faculties.

The address of Ruperto Online is

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Press Officer of the University of Heidelberg
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