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16 February 2000

Leimer Foundation Research Prize for Professor Dr. Dieter Nohlen

Award from the University of Augsburg in recognition of Heidelberg political scientist's outstanding research work on Spain and Latin America – Prize money DM 10,000

Prof. Nohlen

Heidelberg political scientist Professor Dieter Nohlen has been awarded the University of Augsburg research prize for his outstanding work on Spain and Latin America. The prize, awarded every two years by the Leimer Foundation, comes with DM 10,000 in research monies.

It is the third award Professor Nohlen has received for his academic work. In 1991 he was awarded the Max Planck Research Prize for his scholarly collaboration with the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights (Costa Rica). In 1995 the eight-volume Manual of the Third World, edited and compiled by Nohlen and Franz Nuscheler of the University of Duisburg, was selected for the special "Political Book" prize for the best German publication on development policy.

In the grounds for the award of the Augsburg prize the jury singles out not only the intensity of Nohlen's research activities but also the effect Heidelberg research on Latin America has had on that part of the world itself. In the last decade Nohlen has brought out various publications in Latin America that have served as genuine landmarks in the ongoing process of institutional reform, notably in connection with presidentialism and suffrage. The latest in this series of publications is a monumental systematic study in Spanish of the Latin American legislation on suffrage, the fruit of collaboration initiated with the help of the Max Planck Research Prize.

Please address any inquiries to
Prof. Dr. Dieter Nohlen
phone: 06221/542885, fax: 542897

Dr. Michael Schwarz
Press Officer of the University of Heidelberg
phone: 06221/542310, fax: 542317

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