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February 2000

New: "Ruperto Online"—University of Heidelberg's First Electronic Magazine

Magazine foregrounds interesting material tucked away on the University's 40,000-plus internet pages and highlights latest additions—Web magazine preceded by complete reconstruction of the University's Internet presence in December 1999

The new "Ruperto Online" is the University of Heidelberg's first electronic magazine. Its aims are to foreground interesting material tucked away on the 40,000-plus Internet pages of the University (and accordingly difficult to access), highlight new contents and front-page the latest developments.

As the third of the University of Heidelberg's news media, joining the newspaper "UniSpiegel" and the research magazine "Ruperto Carola", "Ruperto Online" is exclusively electronic. The University's WWW presence has become so extensive that users in search of specific "titbits" can frequently find themselves rather at a loss. New "Top Themes" every month are designed to collect the information frequently scattered over a whole range of different locations and hence difficult to access. The selected topics will centre on the information available on the Heidelberg Internet pages. Little by little users will be fully acquainted with the information the University has to offer in a way that will enable them to make optimum use of the medium. Selected cross-references are an additional service providing brief overviews of related content material.

The "Neues im Netz" section foregrounds the pages most recently added. A brief summary of the content ensures that finding new information is no longer a random affair. In many cases references to related topics are included.

A further section of the Web Magazine will highlight the latest developments at the University. Brief digests of the three latest press releases to be found in full-text form on the "Press" pages provide a window on important events.

Magazine needs a fitting name

Like every new baby the Web Magazine needs a fitting name, "Ruperto Online" being only a provisional title. There is general consensus that in its final form the name should come from the ranks of those most likely to profit increasingly from the Internet in future, i.e. the students. Suggestions for what the magazine should be called can be submitted up to 15 March at the latest.

The ground for the new magazine was prepared in December 1999 by a complete overhaul of the University's Internet presence. The new graphics designed by a Freiburg Internet agency are only the most obvious characteristic of the new WWW pages. The new start page will feature five major sections focussing on different interests in a unified manner and organised internally to address different potential audiences, e.g. scientists or future students. A uniform and logically conceived navigation system reflects the way the pages are organised and facilitates the swift location of the contents users are looking for.

Please address any inquiries to:
Andreas Heisel
WWW Commissioner of the University
phone: 06221/542197

Dr. Michael Schwarz
Press Officer of the University of Heidelberg
phone: 06221/542310, fax: 542317

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