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17 January 2000

Amendments Necessary to the Statutes of the University of Heidelberg

Greater Senate forms advisory committee to prepare the amendments – One of the last official acts of this body before it disbands in the autumn – Amendments necessitated by the new University Law

Baden-Württemberg's new University Law is now in force and it involves far-reaching changes to the structure and organisation of the University and the way it operates. The Statutes of the University will also have to be amended in line with the new legislation. Today, the Greater Senate performed one of its last official acts before it disbands in the autumn and elected 6 professors and 2 representatives each of the non-professorial staff, other University staff and students to form a committee for this purpose. As chairman of the Greater Senate Prof. Dr. Stefan Maul is automatically a member of this body. The elected members are Professors Werner Hacke, Tonio Hölscher, Helmuth Kiesel, Peter Meusburger, Reinhard Mussgnug and Berhard Schramm, as well as Francisca Loetz and Margret Schuchard for the non-professorial staff, Gerd Apfel and Waltraud Reichling for the "other staff" and Kirsten Heike Pistel and Anoush Aghajani-Talesh for the students. Prof. Silke Leopold will join it in an advisory capacity as the University Commissioner for Women's Affairs.

The new University Law makes a number of amendments to the Statutes statutory and leaves a number of others optional. The new Statutes could, for example, extend the number of vice-rectors from the present three to four. Group representation among the elected members of the Senate will have to change: up to now the ratio of professors to representatives of the three other groups was 3:1:1:1; the new ratio is 2:1:1:1.

The provision in the new law prohibiting Faculties with fewer than 20 full professorial posts is bound to spark off very considerable debate. Given that the transition period for this restructuring measure extends to 31 March 2002, rector Prof. Dr. Jürgen Siebke proposed a two-stage procedure, with a later amendment to the Statutes deciding on the final form of the University's Faculties.

Changes are also to be expected in connection with the vice-deans. The new law empowers the Statutes to provide for up to three vice-deans per Faculty.

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