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19 January 2000

Workshop in Heidelberg on "Plant Biotechnology – Bioactives, Production, Rational Phytotherapy"

11-12 February 2000 at the International Science Forum of the University of Heidelberg

The headlong development of new technologies in screening natural substances, hybridisation and molecular modelling is accelerating the quest for pharmacologically active substances. As chemically defined substances or complex multiblends, bioactives are of major significance in the field of medical therapy. Whichever form they take, the legal requirements in connection with safety, pharmaceutical quality and effectiveness are the same. This places exacting demands on the production of such preparations, involving standardised in vitro production processes or controlled cultivation of medicinal plants.

The workshop "Plant Biotechnology – Bioactives, Production, Rational Phytotherapy" on 10 and 11 February 2000 at the International Science Forum of the University of Heidelberg goes into this complex subject and attempts to provide an overview on the present state of research, from the quest for new agents and proof of their efficacy through preclinical and clinical studies up to the quality requirements involved.

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