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17 January 2000

German Study Prizes for 3 Heidelberg Students

Two prizes from the Körber Foundation's research competition for students go to Heidelberg: one first prize for Katja Eichler and a second prize for a joint entry by Regina Schmidt and Bert Brückmann

Every second year, the Körber Foundation invites students of all subjects to submit their thoughts on a set topic. This time the subject was "Risk: The Rival Claims of Safety, Opportunity and Challenge". Over five hundred students took the Foundation at its word and sent in research work they hoped would qualify them for one of the "German Study Prizes". Katja Eichler, a budding sociologist with psychology as a subsidiary subject, convinced the jury with her study on malaria from the biomedical viewpoint and in the eyes of the Moose, a people from the West African country Burkina Faso. The entry from physics student Regina Schmidt and Bert Brückmann, who is enrolled for sociology, psychology and ethnology, was interdisciplinary in character, its title "Perspectives on the Public Risk and Acceptance Debate in Connection with Nuclear Fusion Technology".

The jury awarded these studies prize monies of DM 10,000 and DM 7,500 respectively. At a festive ceremony on 17 January in Berlin the prize winners received their certificates from Jutta Limbach, president of the Federal Constitutional Court and chairperson of the board of curators for the German Study Prize.

The German Study Prize is one of the very few research competitions open to all students. The prize is awarded by the Körber Foundation on a different subject every other year and not only provides its laureates with attractive prize money but also includes them in a follow-up programme taking an active and in-depth interest in the further course of their academic careers.

Viola Düwert

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