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10 December 1999

Service Cross for Heidelberg Professor Hannah Monyer

Undersecretary of state Michael Sieber: "Outstanding achievements of an internationally renowned scientist and inspiring teacher" – Vice-Rector Prof. Jochen Tröger congratulated Prof. Monyer on behalf of the University – Research on glutamate receptors (important for learning and memory at the cellular level)

Prof. Monyer

"Professor Monyer is an outstanding teacher and an internationally renowned scientist who has made a name for herself above all for her excellent research on glutamate receptors, which are of importance for learning and memory at the cellular level. In her work she employs the results of basic research in care for the sick." These were the words of Michael Sieber, undersecretary of state at Baden-Württemberg's Ministry of Science, Higher Education and Art on the occasion of the presentation of the Service Cross with ribbon of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany to Prof. Monyer on 10 December 1999 in Heidelberg. The announcement of the honours list and the award of this high distinction to Prof. Monyer had been made by Federal President Johannes Rau on German Reunification Day (3 October). Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Jochen Tröger congratulated Prof. Monyer on behalf of the University.

Hannah Monyer was born in Großlasseln (Romania) and came to Germany in 1975. With a scholarship from the Study Foundation of the German Nation she studied medicine in Heidelberg, graduating in 1982. Her doctoral dissertation was on the subject of "The Jealousy Phenomenon in the Works of Marcel Proust and the Psychiatry of his Period". Her first three years as a doctor were spent at the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry of the Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim and the Pediatric Hospital of the University of Lübeck. With a German Research Council grant she then spent three years as post-doctoral fellow at the renowned Stanford University Medical Center in California.

After her return from the United States she pursued her scientific career at the Molecular Biology Centre of the University of Heidelberg where she gained her Habilitation in 1993 for biochemistry. After rejecting offers from Göttingen and Vienna she was appointed Hermann and Lilly Schilling Professor of Clinical Neurobiology at the University of Heidelberg in May 1999, taking over the directorship of the Department of Clinical Neurobiology at the same time.

Prof. Monyer's main research interests range from the mechanisms of ischemia and the molecular and functional characterisation of ion channels to the development of ultramodern molecular biology techniques. Of special note are her outstanding achievements in the field of glutamate receptors. Her work is published in the leading biomedical journals. "As a teacher she is remarkable for her broad knowledge and her analytic acuity," said Sieber. "She invariably lectures to enthusiastic audiences. This distinction goes to an outstanding research personality who has furthered the cause of German scientific endeavour and brought it international renown."

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