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11 December 1999

University of Heidelberg Presents Awards for the Best Doctoral Dissertations of 1999

Ruprecht-Karl Prizes awarded at festive ceremony in the Great Hall of the Old University to Dr. Hanno Kube, Dr. Annette Reich, Dr. Joachim Gentz, Dr. Achim Stellberger and Dr. Udo Baron – Dr. Thorsten Matthias Heim received the Fritz Grunebaum Prize – Awards come with DM 5,000 prize money apiece

Die Preisträger
From left: Rector Prof. Jürgen Siebke, Achim Stellberger, Matthias Helm, Annette Reich, Joachim Gentz, Hanno Kube, Prof. Paul Kirchhof and Udo Baron
Photo : Rothe

The recipients are listed below with the titles of their dissertations.

Dr. Hanno E. Kube: "Rights of Property and the Non-Disposability of Natural Goods"

Dr. Annette Reich: "Avant-Garde Currents in Czech Sculpture and Plastic Arts from the Turn of the Century to the End of the First Czechoslovak Republic"

Dr. Joachim Gentz: "Ritual and Praxis: Chunqiu Exegesis of the Gongyang zhuan from its Beginnings to Dong Zhongshu"

Dr. Achim Stellberger: "Development and Construction of an Electromagnetic Calorimeter"

Dr. Udo Baron: "Further Development of the Methodology of Tetracycline-Controlled Gene Expression for Analysis of the Function of Genes in Complex Eukaryotic Systems"

Fritz Grunebaum Prize
Dr. Thorsten Matthias Helm: "Legal Obligation for Privatisation – Privatisation Offers in German and European Law"

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