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3 December 1999

Leibniz Prize 2000 for Heidelberg Psychologist Prof. Dr. Klaus Fiedler

DM 1.5 million from German Research Council – Prof. Fiedler investigates connections between language and social perception and the workings of social information processing – Using the analysis of linguistic features to detect lies

Prof. Dr. Klaus Fiedler

Among the 14 recipients of the Leibniz Prize 2000 is Heidelberg psychologist Prof. Dr. Klaus Fiedler. Prof. Fiedler's share of what is Germany's biggest research award amounts to 1.5 million marks for his research into (inter alia) the connections between language and social perception and the workings of social information processing.

The recipients benefiting from the German Research Council's Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Programme in the year 2000 were announced today by the Research Council's Central Committee. The aim of the programme is to improve work conditions for outstanding scholars and scientists, to help them extend the scope of their research, to free them from administrative duties and facilitate the employment of highly qualified and gifted younger scientists. The recipients are accorded the greatest possible freedom of decision about how they intend to deploy the resources stemming from the prize. This is the 15th time the German Research Council has awarded the prize, which is financed from special funds provided by Germany's national and state governments.

Prof. Dr. Klaus Fiedler (48) specialises in the field of cognitive psychology. He studied and worked first in Gießen, coming to Heidelberg in 1992 as professor of social psychology after a short stint as professor of microsociology and social psychology at the University of Mannheim. Prof. Fiedler's work is notable for its breadth of interest. Alongside questions of general psychology he concentrates particularly on socio-psychological subjects such as the connections between language and social perception and the workings of social information processing. Another speciality is the investigation of linguistic features to identify aims, intentions and attitudes of speakers, an area of major significance not least for its potential use in detecting lies on the basis of linguistic phenomena.

The ceremonial presentation of the prizes in the Leibniz Programme by German Research Council president Professor Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker will take place in Bonn on 10 February 2000. (Information for journalists: more details on the laureates, their careers and their research interests are obtainable as of 17 January 2000 from the Press Department of the German Research Council [Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)].

Please address any inquiries to:
Prof. Dr. Klaus Fiedler
phone: 06221/547270, fax: 547745

Dr. Michael Schwarz
Press Officer of the University of Heidelberg
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