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29. November 1999

DAAD Prize of the University of Heidelberg for Özkan Ergen

A token of recognition both for academic excellence and socio-political and intercultural commitment – In the Protestant Student Congregation Özkan Ergen was one of the initiators of the Christian-Moslem Prayers for Peace

This year's DAAD Prize (German Academic Exchange Service Prize) of the University of Heidelberg was awarded to Özkan Ergen today by Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Susanne Weigelin-Schwiedrzik. The prize is in recognition not only of Ergen's outstanding academic achievements but also of the exemplary socio-political and intercultural commitment he has displayed at the University. The DAAD Prize comes with DM 2,000 prize money.

Özkan Ergen was born on 13 March 1971 in Manyas-Balikesir (Turkey) and came to Heidelberg to study Education Science and German as a Foreign Language after having already graduated in German at the University of Bursa. Early this year he completed his studies in Heidelberg with the grade "very good" in both subjects. He then embarked on a dissertation under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Volker Lenhart at the Department of Education Studies entitled "Education as an Academic Discipline at Turkish Universities". Since 1997 Mr. Ergen has been involved in the running of Heidelberg University's "Research Centre for Comparative Education Studies" directed by Prof. Lenhart. Since 1994 Özkan Ergen has been active in the "Weinheim Project for the Social and Occupational Integration of Young People from Germany and Abroad". He was also a member of the organising committee of the "Weinheim-Hemsbach Turkish Parent-Teacher Association" and the "German-Turkish Amity Society Dösemealti-Antalya and Edingen-Neckarhausen". In the Protestant Student Congregation Özkan Ergen was co-initiator of the Christian-Moslem Prayers for Peace.
The Prize of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is awarded at the German institutions of higher education to non-German students distinguishing themselves not only by outstanding academic achievements but also remarkable social and organisational commitment within their universities. The 1999 DAAD Prize is the fifth to have been awarded at the University of Heidelberg. Özkan Ergen's predecessors were Angeline Nguedju Nkwenkam from Cameroon (1995), Walter Eppich from the United States (1996), Preeti Purohit from India (1997) and Sofia Margarita Monsalve Suaréz from Colombia (1998).

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