11 November 1999

Heidelberg University Library Provides Campus-Wide Access to 750 Electronic Journals

Close cooperation with institutes and departments – Free of charge for teaching staff and students at the University

In the last few months Heidelberg's University Library has built up a service and administration structure for electronic journals which will have far-reaching beneficial effects for the whole of the university. In the period in question it has procured the release of 750 electronic journals from the publishers producing them. This means that members of the University, teachers and students alike, will have access from any University computer to the full text versions of the electronic journals on release at any time.

The ultimate aim is to assure campus-wide access to all electronic journals maintained by the University. Work is going on non-stop on the cataloguing and referencing in national and local holdings catalogue systems. Heidelberg's www-assisted Journals Catalogue (the "HZV", short for Heidelberger Zeitschriftenverzeichnis), an established search instrument for periodicals, also provides direct access to the full texts of the electronic journals. Over and above title searches it also has an alphabetic list of all accessable e-journals.

As the organisers emphasize, the University Library intends to develop and pass on comprehensive know-how in dealing with what is a quick-growing and extremely complex market. Among the publishers of the 750 journals that have gone on release over the last few months are Springer, Elsevier and Wiley-VCH. The journals in question are parallel electronic editions of the print formats; online use is conditional on subscription to the print version. The locations of the print subscriptions are scattered all over the University. By the end of the year the number of e-journals on release is expected to have increased appreciably.

All members of the University, teachers and students alike, will be able to access the full texts of the e-journals from any University computer and at any time. Not included in the Heidelberg listings are the journals of very variable academic quality available to all comers free of charge on WWW. These journals are listed and supplied centrally for all of Germany by the "electronic journal unit" of Regensburg University Library (http://www.bibliothek.uni-regensburg.de/ezeit/ezb.phtml) and thus do not have to be listed in Heidelberg.

With a view to achieving resource-economical administration and cross-campus access, all institutes and hospitals are requested to report their e-journals to the University Library if they are not yet accessible via HZV. Further information is available on the University Library's homepage under "Elektronische Zeitschriften" (www.ub.uni-heidelberg.de). Questions and suggestions should be addressed to ejournals@ub.uni-heidelberg.de or to Frau Schemmel (phone: 542593).

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