28 October 1999

New Expertise Network on the Subject of Leukemia

Expertise network on "Acute and Chronic Forms of Leukemia" starts work – Coordinator: Professor Dr. Ruediger Hehlmann, Faculty of Clinical Medicine of the University of Heidelberg at Mannheim

Some 150 leukemia experts from all over Germany met on 26/27 October for a symposium on the premises of the German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg. The event marked the beginning of work by the expertise network on "Acute and Chronic Forms of Leukemia" funded by Germany's Ministry of Education and Research.

In the course of a national competition early this year, nine out of a total of 160 applications for research funding were selected for financial support amounting to several million marks apiece over the next few years. The coordinator of one of these nine networks is Professor Dr. Ruediger Hehlmann of the Faculty of Clinical Medicine of the University of Heidelberg at Mannheim. His network on "Acute and Chronic Forms of Leukemia" encompasses all the major study groups in Germany engaged in research on and therapies for leukemia. All in all there are at present 320 university hospitals, research institutes, municipal hospitals and private practices involved.

The expertise network is designed to be a quick source of up-to-date information and new scientific findings and thus to help further improve the survival prospects of people with leukemia. The start symposium filled in its audience on the structure of the network, which is based in Mannheim. Also, representatives of the study groups reported on the latest developments in the treatment of various forms of leukemia. Finally there was discussion of proposals for themes and projects made possible by the existence of the new network.

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