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19 May 2004

The Art of Counselling and Psychotherapy

New book by Rainer M. Holm-Hadulla, professor of psychotherapeutic medicine at the University of Heidelberg, published by Karnac Books (London — New York)

Counselling, coaching, mentoring and psychotherapy are especially effective if they promote the individual creativity of the client or patient. Creativity is both a feature of outstanding personalities and a source of mental health. A creative life-style means assuming authorship of one's own personal life.

The book derives creative principles of counselling and psychotherapy from research on creativity, counselling and psychotherapy. It describes a creative attitude as the foundation of exchanges between coach and client or psychotherapist and patient in a way closely related to Hans Georg Gadamer's hermeneutic theory of understanding. The creative attitude serves as a basis for the integration of different methods of counselling and therapy. The book describes a convincing, lively and creative approach to counselling and treatment serving the development of personal and social creativity.

The Art of Counselling and Psychotherapy is a completely revised version of the author's Die psychotherapeutische Kunst (1997) and takes account of the latest advances in research on the subject. It also contains two entirely new chapters on Creativity and Coaching.

Prof. Dr. Otto Dörr Zegers (Santiago de Chile) writes: "The Art of Counselling and Psychotherapy is a felicitous combination of modern concepts of counselling and psychotherapy with perspectives squarely rooted in cultural studies. The book is of major interest not only for counsellors and psychotherapists but also for a wider audience."

On the first edition the Deutsches Ärzteblatt wrote: "With his hermeneutic approach the author is at the heart of present-day discussion in the natural sciences and cultural studies. An undogmatic book written from a practical perspective." The verdict of the Süddeutsche Zeitung was: "Hermeneutic thinking in psychotherapeutic practice, with analogies to the artistic process of shaping reality, can be a foundation for successful handling of one's life."

Hans Georg Gadamer provided the following foreword for the Spanish edition of the book in 1999:
"As always, it is a source of gratification for me when someone active in a particular branch of science can make meaningful use of my own contributions to philosophy. Attempting to understand others should be an aim recognised and respected by all those taking a conscientious attitude to the challenges posed by their own field of scholarship or science. In addition, I find it very gratifying that this book has a wide readership, and I hope and believe that this Spanish edition will broaden that audience and bring the author the confirmation he so richly deserves."

Rainer Matthias Holm-Hadulla (b. 1951) is senior physician at the Psychotherapeutic Counselling Centre of the Heidelberg Student Services and professor of psychotherapeutic medicine at the University of Heidelberg. His central research interest is the phenomenon of creativity.

ISBN 1 85575 946 2

Please address any inquiries to
Prof. Dr. Rainer M. Holm-Hadulla
phone: 06221/600026, fax: 600028

(for journalists)
Dr. Michael Schwarz
Press Officer of the University of Heidelberg
phone: 06221/542310, fax: 54317

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