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27 April 2004

ZMBH Forum: Latest Findings in Genetic Research on Mice

The XV. ZMBH Forum "Mammalian Physiology: Lessons from the Genetically Altered Mouse", 6-8 May 2004, Kirchhoff Institute of Physics (Im Neuenheimer Feld 227, 69120 Heidelberg)

Modern methods and the latest findings of genetic research on mice are at the heart of the 2004 ZMBH Forum organized by the Molecular Biology Centre of the University of Heidelberg. From 6 to 8 May prominent life scientists from all over the world will be meeting in Heidelberg to discuss the latest findings generated by research on one of the central model organisms of contemporary biology. What do we see when we take a direct optical view on the brain activity of mice? How do the corresponding neuronal networks evolve in the course of embryonic development? What can we learn from mice about the biological clock, learning processes or the physiology of smell? Mouse models are invaluable for research on illnesses like cancer, epilepsy, depression or deafness. The conference ends with a morning of high-power lectures on stem cells and the cloning of organisms.

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PD DR. Blanche Schwappach
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D-69120 Heidelberg

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