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15 April 2004

Heidelberg's Romantic Scenery not the Sole Attraction for Future History Teachers

New students' guide by stern, stern Campus & Career and CHE: history, English and German on the way up

19 April 2004 sees the publication of the new students' guide compiled by stern, stern Career & Campus and CHE (Higher Education Development Centre). This year is the second time that the humanities and engineering have come under scrutiny (architecture, civil engineering, education science, electro- and information technology, English and American studies, German studies, history, mechanical engineering and process engineering, psychology), so students and professors can see how their subjects have been shaping up and whether their respective faculty is on the way up or down. Upwardly mobile are those subjects that have clearly improved in one category (say, research or length of study) and moved up into the middle or top rank. For this investigation alone, the CHE scientists evaluated about 56,000 questionnaires. This is also the first year in which the ranking has been made more international.

In previous years, CHE looked into the state of things in biology, caregiving, chemistry, human medicine and dentistry, informatics, mathematics, pharmacy and physics (2003) and in civics, economics, economic engineering, law, political science, sociology/social sciences (2002). For an overview on all the up-and-downers in the humanities and engineering go to on the internet.

At the University of Heidelberg, study conditions for people taking history as a teaching qualification have clearly improved. The graduates are very satisfied, the overall verdict of the students puts the subject in the top-ranking group. The organisation of studies also got better marks. In the evaluation, both this factor and library resources earned promotion to the top-ranking group.

The atmosphere on the course for English and American studies as a teaching qualification has also improved. The overall verdict of the students, the organisation of studies and contact with the teaching staff all progressed upward to the middle-ranking group.

In the course for German studies as a teaching qualification, library resources have improved. On this criterion the subject has moved up from the bottom to the middle group.

German studies in general did better this time. The verdict of the students and the library resources improved in the evaluation from the bottom to the middle group.

Education science has gone in the other direction. Less money for research and longer study times spelled demotion in these categories from the top to the midfield group.

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