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31 March 2004

Professor Volker Diehl Heads the Heidelberg Comprehensive Cancer Center in its Initial Phase

Joint press release by the University of Heidelberg Hospitals Complex and the German Cancer Research Centre

In January 2004, the former director of the Department of Internal Medicine I of Cologne University, Professor Dr. Volker Diehl, took over as acting head of the new Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) in Heidelberg. The 66-year-old oncologist, renowned all over the world for his pioneering research on lymphogranulomatosis (Hodgkin's disease), has committed himself to encouraging swift progress for this model institution. In future, the Heidelberg CCC will be known as the National Center for Tumour Diseases (NCT).

When the Comprehensive Cancer Center was established in July 2003, in emulation of American models, it represented a unique instance of cooperation between the German Cancer Research Centre, the University of Heidelberg Hospital Complex and the Heidelberg Thorax Hospital. The idea is for the multidisciplinary combination of research and patient care to help achieve a more efficient and a faster transfer of innovative approaches in basic research to the level of patient care. Central to the institution is an interdisciplinary tumour outpatient unit designed to become the central contact point for tumour patients. The CCC assembles the expertise of the three partners in the fields of basic research, hospital care and cancer prevention. The aim of this cooperation is to provide patients with full-scale treatment in line with the latest international standards.

Professor Diehl is one of the world's most prominent oncologists. He is the director of the competence network on malignant lymphomas, a member of the Senate of the Helmholtz Society, chairman of the German "Value of Life Society" and co-editor of numerous national and international journals, including the New England Journal of Medicine. His huge fund of experience in oncology, as a physician, scientist and research manager will be placed in the service of ensuring that the Heidelberg Comprehensive Cancer Center becomes an institution of national significance.

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