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9 December 2003

Unique Healthcare Management Degree at the University of Heidelberg

Interdisciplinary contact course enables managers in the health sector to obtain an M.Sc. in healthcare management—Course begins 22 March 2004

The University of Heidelberg is planning a new one-year contact course in healthcare management, starting in 2004. Subsequently, participates can take an external examination and obtain internationally acknowledged M.Sc. status in the healthcare management sector.

For healthcare managers and doctors with a practice of their own, legal issues and business concerns have been a headache for some considerable time, and not just since the discussion on a reform of the healthcare system in Germany. In managerial terms, hospital physicians and local practitioners can no longer afford to operate without some knowledge of business management principles, and the same is true of doctors involved in healthcare administration, health insurance systems, associations and consultancies. So far, such knowledge has not figured in traditional medical courses at university. Accordingly, the new contact course on healthcare management is a unique opportunity for working doctors to acquire the management know-how essential for people with leading positions in hospitals and other healthcare institutions.

The course involves about 600 hours of instruction and divides into three subject blocks: business management, economics and law. All three disciplines are tailored to the specific economic and legal issues encountered in healthcare activities. Alongside the basics of business management, participants will find surgery management, hospital business management, leadership and personnel, finances and accounting and medical, vocational and social law on the agenda. In addition, there will be classes on information management, epidemiology and health research, as well as a communication workshop.

The contact course for healthcare professionals begins on 22 March 2004. In charge is Prof. Dr. Dres. h.c. Peter Eichhorn (University of Mannheim, Chair of General Business Administration, Public and Non-Profit Management). He will be assisted by a large team of renowned lecturers from the academic and business worlds.

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