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1 October 2003

Multi-Media Journalism Course Passes the Acid Test

[HeidelR@d] "on the air" — Baden-Württemberg State Centre for Communication supports the project — What are Guido Westerwelle and Olaf Scholz doing in Room 102?

[HeidelR@d], the new multi-media journalism course provided by the University of Heidelberg, has passed the acid test. A first group of 12 students has learned the basics of journalism in the pilot project. At the moment, a second group is going through the introductory courses.

Unintelligible scraps of discourse are heard emanating from Room 102 at the Centre for Student Advice and Further Education. Listening harder, you can just recognise the voices of FDP leader Guido Westerwelle ans SPD secretary-general Olaf Scholz. The two of them are in the process of being cut off in their stride by the students — though only with the virtual scissors provided by the audio software "Cool Edit". Hunched over their laptops, the [HeidelR@d] participants are working flat out on the editing of interviews with the two top politicians. Project leader Nils Birschmann has just set them the task of producing a radio feature with original recorded material on the discussion about the successor to Johannes Rau for the post of Federal President. The night before the course, Rau had announced that he would not be running for a second time. Just the thing for the course, says Birschmann. After all, [HeidelR@d] has its standards, and they include topicality and simulating the conditions the professionals have to work under. The top-level technological equipment required is on hand, thanks to the external funding from the State Centre for Communication ( acquired by the University Press Office.

The multi-media journalism course [HeidelR@d] (pronounced Heidelred) offers students from all Faculties a grounding in journalistic skills. The course ranges from news-writing, interview techniques and research all the way up to the production of whole features. No prior experience is necessary.

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