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12 September 2003

Schools' Day at the University of Heidelberg on 10 October — A First-Hand Impression of Academic Life

The wide-ranging programme is a unique opportunity for upper-grade secondary school students between Heidelberg, Karlsruhe and Darmstadt

The brochure for the Schools' Day at the University of Heidelberg has everything in it from laboratory research to the planning of a historical exhibition. Upper-grade secondary school students between Heidelberg, Karlsruhe and Darmstadt are faced with a breathtaking panoply when it comes to choosing from almost 100 different areas to explore, all lined up in the attractive brochure.

But the brochure makes it very clear what the central concern will be on 10 October: a first-hand impression of academic life. "Come and see for yourself" is the University's message. Accordingly, it offers a hands-on introduction to a huge range of subjects, involving experiments, workshops, planning games, walks and discussion forums. The conviction behind the undertaking is that you can only gain a halfway accurate impression of something if you've seen and experienced it yourself. So the wide-ranging programme is a unique opportunity for school students to improve the basis for decisions they will be making once they have their school-leaving exams in their pockets.

It is definitely an opportunity to take advantage of, because one thing's for certain — hardly any other institution has such a broad cross-section of potential work-fields all in one place as the University. And those work-fields lead on into the even more variegated world of professional activity. From exploration of distant galaxies to the work of geologists in a local quarry, from the tasks facing psychologists at a parents' advice centre to laboratory work on the genome, from radiology in the fight against cancer to development aid, from Gandhi's achievements to the latest IT trends in economic informatics — the range is immense. To keep workshop sizes between 10 and 30 participants, students are asked to inform their schools of their intention to take part. The final registration date for schools is 18 September.

You can read more about the Schools' Day on the internet at

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