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3 July 2003

Campus TV an Internet Crowd-Puller

Over 200,000 viewers every month — More than 50 TV programmes watchable on the University of Heidelberg media server — Ruperto Online web magazine presents the videos as they appear

For five years now, Campus TV has been performing the formidable feat of making a television armchair into a first-row lecture-hall seat at the Universities of Mannheim and Heidelberg and also at Mannheim's University of Applied Sciences. But the last thing one can say about the features presented by the science magazine of Rhine-Neckar Television is that they are "dry as dust" or over-theoretical.

The University of Heidelberg ensures that the half-hour instalments watched by more than 200,000 viewers every month are not just here today and gone tomorrow. With the help of the internet the programmes are transformed into a storehouse of up-to-date knowledge. They are digitalised by the University and put on the net as a worldwide crowd-puller for the latest in scientific research. The viewing figures for the electronic videos on Heidelberg's media server reflect the interest they arouse, with more than 4,000 visitors a week from over 30 countries.

Most of the Heidelberg internet videos are features of up to five minutes in length provided by Campus TV. University press officer Dr. Michael Schwarz is confident that they have advanced to the status of a firm fixture in the broad range of electronic public relations efforts. The subjects of the Campus TV films also represent the main features for July and August in "Ruperto Online", the University's web magazine. In the latest edition, Joachim Kaiser, editor-in-chief and moderator at Campus TV, chats about what viewers can expect from his programmes (a mixture of education and infotainment) and what he himself has learned from making them.

The over 50 digitalised videos can be watched on the internet via Ruperto Online. Just go to

Please address any inquiries to
Andreas Heisel
web managing editor, Ruperto Online
phone: 06221/542197

Dr. Michael Schwarz
Press Officer of the University of Heidelberg
phone: 06221/542310, fax: 54317

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