13 October 1999

University of Heidelberg Welcomes 2,500 First-Year Students

18 October 1999: official welcome in the Great Hall of the New University – Rector Prof. Dr. Juergen Siebke wishes newcomers every success in "this new and very exciting stage in your lives" – "What you need most at university is initiative and a capacity for enthusiasm."

On Monday 18 October 1999, the University of Heidelberg welcomes 2,500 first-year students arriving for the beginning of the winter semester. The welcoming ceremony is in two parts. The official welcome by the Rector's Office of the University takes place at 9 a.m. in the Great Hall of the New University. Rector Prof. Dr. Juergen Siebke will be greeting the newcomers in the name of the University, Chief Executive Officer Beate Weber on behalf of the City of Heidelberg. A spokesman of the General Student Committee (AStA) will represent the student body. Musical greetings will be extended by the Capella Carolina (University choir).

At the same time (9 a.m. to 12 noon) the foyers of the New University are the venue for a colourful array of information stands at which 45 institutions introduce themselves to the new students and attempt to attract their interest and/or support. Selected to be of special relevance for young people new to the University and the city, these groups and institutions range from the municipal theatre and university sports clubs to the Congregation of Protestant Students. Many of them will be out to enlist active student support but there are also a number of service providers represented. Students visiting their stands can save themselves the trouble of having to go and look for them further afield at a later date. Among them are the HSB transport company with its economical student season tickets for local public transport in the region, and the municipal theatre offering student subscriptions on temptingly reasonable terms. The organiser is Dr. Raban von der Malsburg (Centre for Student Counselling and Continuing Education).

Please address any inquiries to:
Dr. Raban von der Malsburg
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Dr. Michael Schwarz
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