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8 May 2003

University of Heidelberg Starts Multi-Media Journalism Course

Students from all Faculties can sample the world of the media with [HeidelR@d] — Introductory session on 15 May at 4 p.m. — University invites all interested to attend

In the summer term 2003, a multi-media journalism course is starting up at the University of Heidelberg. All interested can learn the basics of journalism in practical seminars and then become a member of a professionally supervised editing team. The Press Office of the University has succeeded in obtaining funding from the State Centre for Communication (LfK).

There's nothing you can't learn if you put your mind to it. This is just as true of the media world as of anything else, for all the glamour surrounding it. Journalism is a skill, not something reserved for high-flyers and geniuses. And it's a skill you can learn — as of this summer term, at the University of Heidelberg.

But why bother? The answer is simple. Media competence is not only important for budding professional journalists. Whether you're a scientist, a scholar, or a free-enterprise decision-maker, studying at a university means coming into contact with the media. And in that game you can only win if you know the rules. Whichever side of the desk you're sitting on, whether as interviewer or interviewee, the main thing is to make full and proper use of the specialised knowledge you've acquired.

In addition, the course enhances communicative skills, polishes writing styles and provides coaching in framing and presenting messages. These are key abilities that can give you a decisive edge in job interviews.

The [HeidelR@d] project (pronounced Heidelred) is organised in three stages. First come introductory courses on the "building blocks" of journalism. Here, participants will be given an initiation to the mysteries of news, interviews and reporting. Excursions to news desks and radio stations and professional speakers from the media world ensure a healthy mixture of quality and fun. Phase 2 is a weekend seminar for advanced participants in which a first production will be put together. In the third stage, successful course participants will be admitted to the editing team. Under professional guidance the "building blocks" will be assembled to form multi-media publications: newspaper articles, radio reports, web TV. The sky's the limit.

To ensure real-life conditions and keep the participants really keyed-up, [HeidelR@d] will be collaborating with media companies and non-commercial projects such as RadioAktiv ( and the patients' radio of Heidelberg University Hospitals. The Internet University Radio IHR ( will act as interface. This project run by the State Communication Centre links up media projects at universities all over Baden-Württemberg.

As the Press Office has been able to obtain substantial external funding from the State Communication Centre (, students can participate free of charge. Organisational support for the course comes from the Student Advice and Continuing Education Centre. The seminars will take place on the premises of the Centre (62, Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage, Heidelberg).

Students from all Faculties are welcome, participation in [HeidelR@d] requires no prior experience of journalism. The introduction to the project is scheduled for 15 May 2003, 4 p.m., at the Student Advice Centre (address above). Sign-up for the course via internet only.

To sign up, go to

Please address any inquiries to
Dr. Michael Schwarz
Press Officer of the University of Heidelberg
phone: 06221/542310, fax: 54317

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