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28 March 2003

Standing Ovations at the Close of the Harvard WorldMUN Conference in Heidelberg

The 12th Harvard University World Model United Nations Conference came to its conclusion on 27 March in the Great Hall of Heidelberg University with a highly personal and emotional closing ceremony

Both the delegates and the organisers on the Harvard and Heidelberg side were very satisfied with the results of the conference and praised the commitment and devotion to the cause displayed by the over 100 voluntary assistants in Heidelberg. The organisers of the event were given huge acclaim and standing ovations. The nine students from various Faculties of the University had devoted most of their spare time in the last 11 months to the preparations for this large-scale event. With their constant presence day and night for the duration of the conference, the voluntary helpers, not only from Heidelberg but also from Holland, the UK and Albania, amply proved their concern for the well-being of the 850 delegates and richly deserved the appreciation expressed at the closing ceremony.

At the ceremony, the secretary's office of the Harvard team announced the best delegates and the best delegations of this year's conference. The Best Delegation Awards went to Yale University for their outstanding representation of China and to the United States Military Academy at West Point for their successful solution of the difficult task of representing the French position at the WorldMUN.

Among this year's prize winners are five German students distinguished with one of the coveted Awards for Diplomacy.

The chairpersons of the various committees emphasised the excellent cooperation between the delegates and presented some of the central statements in the resolutions adopted. At present, the 16 resolutions are being finalised by the Harvard secretary's office and will then be sent to the United Nations in New York. Once this has been done, they will also be made available to the public.

High-resolution pictures of the conference can be downloaded free of charge at The photographers should be mentioned by name in mastheads and/or captions.

For more information go to (Heidelberg) or (Harvard).

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