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13 March 2003

7th Heidelberg Sport Business Forum

Students bring the sport business world to Heidelberg on 8 May—Organisers are the University of Applied Sciences (Heidelberg) and the Institute of Sport and Sport Science of the University of Heidelberg

On 8 May 2003, the 7th Heidelberg Sport Business Forum will be taking place at the Stadthalle Weinheim, organised by the University of Applied Sciences (Heidelberg) in cooperation with the University of Heidelberg. The conference will be discussing the keynote issue "Is Sport Management Going Off the Rails?" Additionally, it will be offering further opportunities for students, providing information on different professional fields and indicating training and qualification prospects in the interlink between sport and business.

Light will be cast on the various interfaces between academic education and business by renowned sport management experts. Prof. Dr. Klaus Zieschang from Bayreuth will be concentrating on the academic side. He had a decisive hand in the design of the diploma course on "Sport Economics" at the University of Bayreuth. Prof. Dr. James Santomier will be providing a US perspective, outlining the sport management courses available there and the philosophies behind them. High-ranking guests from the sport business have also been invited. They will be talking about specific sport labour markets, enlarging on the connections between service, leisure and labour markets and analysing their significance for sport management. Among these experts are the new president of Bochum soccer club, Dieter Meinold, the president of the German Gymnastics Federation, Rainer Brechtken, and Ernst-Albert Holzapfel, president of the Federal Association of the German Sports Equipment Industry.

At the concluding round-table discussion, other experts will be describing the present situation and the future of modern management in sports clubs and sports businesses, in the fitness branch, in sport communication and sport marketing.

Also part of the forum is the presentation of the SPONSOR prize for young sport scientists (endowed with € 3,000), awarded for outstanding examination theses on the sport business by students attending diploma or master's courses. For more on this go to

Parallel to the event there will also be an Information Exchange featuring 14 companies working in or near the field of sport business. Here participants can obtain more information and establish initial contacts.

The price for attending the one-day forum, which in the last few years has become one of Germany's largest one-day sport science events with just over 500 guests from all over the country, is 125 euros and 28 euros for students (including food and drink). For more information and registration forms go to

Personal contacts can be deepened and opinions exchanged at the concluding get-together.

Please address any inquiries to
Peter Klodwig
7th Heidelberg Sport Business Forum
phone: 06221/45385

FH Heidelberg Sport Management
Sport Business Forum 2003
Maaßstraße 32
D-69123 Heidelberg
fax: 06221/881010

General inquiries from journalists can also be addressed to
Dr. Michael Schwarz
Press Officer of the University of Heidelberg
phone: 06221/542310, fax: 54317

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