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21 February 2003

Franco-German Colloquium in Heidelberg: "Universities Today— What are they about? What are they for?"

"Penser l'université aujourd'hui" 3-5 April 2003—Organised by the University of Heidelberg and the Franco-German University Cooperation Office

The Franco-German colloquium "Universities Today: What are they about? What are they for?" will be taking place in Heidelberg from 3 to 5 April 2003. Co-organiser Jean d'Yvoire, attaché for university cooperation in Heidelberg, describes the conference as an "interim stage between the preceding European-level meetings in Bologna, Paris and Prague and the meeting planned for September in Berlin." The University of Heidelberg and the Bureau de coopération universitaire franco-allemande" (BCU) extend a cordial invitation to all those interested.

The aim of the colloquium, said d'Yvoire, is "to encourage reflection by researchers and teachers at European universities on the significance and relevance of the existing higher-education model." In addition, it seeks to motivate an exchange of ideas between university teachers, scholars, scientists and the engineers of higher education policy on a number of topical issues. The aims of higher education policy will be elucidated and perspectives and possible scenarios for the future mapped out and discussed. The colloquium will debate on the ways in which the internationalisation of the universities can be enriched by the various cultural and national traditions.

"But it is not the objective of the colloquium to undertake a comparison between higher education policy in France, Germany and the rest of Europe," said d'Yvoire. The aim is rather to examine the different national university traditions "with a view to reflecting on them and transcending them."

In a dual keynote lecture on 3 April 2003, the presidents of the French and German Conferences of Rectors at Higher Education Institutions will be enlarging on the subject of the colloquium "Universities Today: What are they about? What are they for?" The three official sessions of the colloquium and the closing round-table discussion will be discussing the following issues:

  • The position of the university in the higher education sector
  • The university as a public institution and the higher education market: How much competition should there be?
  • The significance of the arts and humanities in the face of the increasing dominance of the natural sciences and life sciences
  • The future of the university in Europe: the different national university traditions

Among the speakers and participants are Michel Averous (Université de Montpellier II), Frank Baasner (Franco-German Institute, Ludwigsburg), Klaus Brockhoff (Company Leadership College, Coblenz-Vallendar), Antoine Compagnon (Université de Paris-Sorbonne), Karl Max Einhäupl (chairman of the Academic Council Berlin/Humboldt University Berlin), Eric Froment (chairman of the European University Association), Jean Gayon (Université de Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne), Helen Harth (University of Potsdam, Franco-German University Saarbrücken), Joseph Jurt (University of Freiburg), István Klinghammer (Eötvös Loránd University Budapest), Stefan Lichtenthaler (University of Munich), Philippe Raynaud (Université de Paris II, Panthéon-Assas), Adrien Schmitt (Université Louis-Pasteur de Strasbourg), Jürgen Schriewer (Humboldt University Berlin), Rudolf Stichweh (University of Bielefeld), Karlheinz Stierle (University of Konstanz).

University teachers, scientists, scholars, politicians and journalists interested in these subjects are cordially invited to attend. The Colloquium takes place 3-5 April 2003 at the Print Media Academy of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Kurfürstenanlage 52-60, D-69115 Heidelberg).

Registration deadline: 15 March 2003
For all information required (including hotel reservation) go to

Contacting the organisers:

Jean d'Yvoire
Seminarstrasse 3, D-69117 Heidelberg
phone: +49 (0)6221 160972, fax: 543459

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Siebke
Alfred-Weber-Institut der Universität Heidelberg
Grabengasse 14, D-69117 Heidelberg
phone: +49 (0)6221 542921, fax: 543649

The colloquium is supported by the Fonds d'Alembert de la Ministère des affaires étrangères, the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Art of Baden-Württemberg and the Franco-German University.

Journalists should address their inquiries to
Dr. Michael Schwarz
Press Officer of the University of Heidelberg
phone: 06221/542310, fax: 54317

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