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13 February 2003

University of Heidelberg Gymnastics Squad Nominated for Lisbon Gymnaestrada

Heidelberg students to represent the German Gymnastics Association for the first time at the World Gymnastics Festival 2003 — Selection on the basis of an outstanding performance at the closing evening of the German Gymnastics Festival — Intensive preparations for Lisbon under the supervision of Erika Groos

At the German Gymnastics Festival 2002, the University of Heidelberg's gymnastics squad was able to achieve its ambitious aim of qualifying for participation in the Gymnaestrada World Gymnastics Festival in Lisbon in July 2003. The squad was chosen from more than 150 contestants, convincing the jury of experts with its versatile, dynamic and choreographically inventive performances. The squad's repertory ranges from a blend of gymnastics and dance to highly challenging acrobatic displays. Erika Groos, head of the gymnastics and dance department of the Institute of Sport and Sport Science, is responsible for the inventive and imaginative programme.

The gymnastics squad of the University of Heidelberg dates back to 1999 and the large-scale annual conference of the German Association of Sport Science in Heidelberg. Since then it has been an outstanding representative of the University on various occasions, including national and international conferences, symposia and performances at other major events. The members of the squad — John-John Balles, Nadja Brecht, Sinisa Huber, Manfred Jäger, Mario Kappenstein, Georgette Kohler, Stefanie Ludwig, Janina Meyer, Anja Schleipen, Joe Schneider and Regina Väth — do their training under conditions of a stringency fully comparable to those typical of top-level competitive sport. In November of this year, at the sport symposium of Heidelberg's twin towns, they will be presenting a programme on the subject of "Sport and Art" to the sports fans of the region.

Please address any inquiries to:
Prof. Dr. Klaus Roth
Director of the Institute of Sport and Sport Science

Dr. Michael Schwarz
Press Officer of the University of Heidelberg
phone: 06221/542310, fax: 54317

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