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23 January 2003

New from the University Archives: A History of the University of Heidelberg in Pictures

The University extends a cordial invitation to the media to attend the presentation — "The University of Heidelberg: Views — Insights — Retrospectives" by Sabine Happ and Werner Moritz

The Heidelberg University Archives present a new history of the University in pictures: "The University of Heidelberg: Views — Insights — Retrospectives" by Sabine Happ and Werner Moritz. The media are cordially invited to attend the presentation on 7 February 2003, 11.30 a.m. (University Archives, Akademiestrasse 4, D-69117 Heidelberg).

In their sumptuously illustrated 128-page book, the authors take their readers on a foray through the 600-year history of the University of Heidelberg. 212 photographs and other picture material give a graphic impression of the "daily round" for teachers and students in the lecture halls and laboratories. The historical photographs come mainly from the Heidelberg University Archives, added to in places by material from the picture library of Heidelberg's City Archives. The book centres on the period from 1880 to 1986. For former students of the University this historical picture-guide will awaken memories of their student days between the Old University and the Philosophers' Way.

Happ and Moritz take a long-term perspective that extends from the foundation of the University in 1386 to the celebrations marking the 600th anniversary. Historical engravings and illustrated manuscripts trace the development from the "High School" of the Palatinate to the University proper in Baden.

But the heart of the volume is dedicated to the everyday lives of the teachers and students in their pursuit of "higher knowledge". Pictures taken in lecture halls, seminar rooms and laboratories point up the ongoing changes in equipment and teaching methods and in the relations between professors, lecturers and the student body.

Such changes are also conspicuous in the leisure-time activities that make student life the period most of us hark back to more nostalgically than any other. These range from the more intimate moments in relatively well-defined academic communities, and expressed in pictures of carnival celebrations or seminar excursions, to the modern mass university, encompassing impressions as different as the alcoholic indulgences of the student fraternities and the revolutionary struggles typical of the early 1970s.

Renowned professors from various periods, such as Curtius, Max Weber and Ludwig Krehl, or, more recently, Hans Georg Gadamer, are just as prominently represented as the highpoints of the University's history, chief among them numerous photographs of the jubilee celebrations of 1886 and 1986. Equally well documented are the political influences on university life.

Sabine Happ and Werner Moritz both have doctorates in history. Since 2001, Sabine Happ (b. 1965) has held a project-related post concerned specifically with the picture material in the keeping of the University archives. Her publications have been dedicated to urban and university history. Werner Moritz (b. 1947) has been director of the University archives since 1996. His publications include works on urban welfare systems, the Brothers Grimm and the history of the University of Heidelberg, as well as more specialised contributions to archival studies.

The book is published by Sutton Verlag, ISBN 3-89702-522-1, EUR 17.90, 212 illustrations.

Please address any inquiries to:
Dr. Werner Moritz
Universitätsarchiv Heidelberg
Akademiestraße 4-8
D-69117 Heidelberg
phone: 06221/547540, fax: 547542

Dr. Michael Schwarz
Press Officer of the University of Heidelberg
phone: 06221/542310, fax: 54317

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