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22 January 2003

University of Heidelberg: Humboldt Foundation Sponsors Three New International Cooperative Research Ventures

Secretary General of the Humboldt Foundation, Dr. Manfred Osten, and Rector Prof. Dr. Peter Hommelhoff: "This success is an eloquent token of the attractiveness of the University of Heidelberg for the global academic elite"

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH) is sponsoring three new international cooperative research ventures at the University of Heidelberg. "To be internationally successful, research needs to be conducted by top-flight international scientists and scholars," said Dr. Manfred Osten, secretary general of the AvH in a recent letter to Rector Prof. Dr. Peter Hommelhoff, adding that it was a source of special gratification to him that the University of Heidelberg "will be profiting from three successful nominations in the Research Award Programmes of the Humboldt Foundation." Hommelhoff was equally gratified by the news: "In the last few years, the University of Heidelberg has regularly been up among the leading German universities with the best records in attracting highly qualified Humboldt Foundation scholars and scientists from all over the world." In connection with the new cooperative research ventures, Hommelhoff shares the views of the Humboldt Foundation secretary general, regarding this latest success as an eloquent token of the attractiveness of the University of Heidelberg for the global academic elite.

The three new award-winners come from Japan, the United States and India. Prof. Dr. Koichi Komatsu from Japan (Reciprocal Research Awards Programme) will be conducting his research with Prof. Dr. Rolf Gleiter at Heidelberg University's Institute of Organic Chemistry. Prof. Dr. Arie Kruglanski from the United States (Research Programme for Humanities Scholars) joins Prof. Dr. Klaus Fiedler at the Institute of Psychology. Dr. Jai Pal Mittal from India (Reciprocal Research Awards Programme) will be working with Prof. Dr. Jürgen Wolfrum at the Institute of Physical Chemistry.

Osten went on to say that these awards are not least an acknowledgement of the international prestige enjoyed by the academic profile of the University of Heidelberg. These new cooperative ventures are "exemplary instances of the advance in the internationalisation process urgently required if Germany is to uphold its status as a location of scientific and scholarly achievement."

Over the last 30 years, the Humboldt Research Award has made it possible to distinguish internationally renowned scientists and scholars from other countries for their outstanding contributions to academic endeavour and to invite them to undertaken a research project of their own choice in conjunction with colleagues in Germany working in the same field. Potential award recipients are nominated by German colleagues active in the same field. The awards are endowed with research monies of up to € 75,000.

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