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17 October 2002

"Typically American!"— Series of Public Interdisciplinary Lectures at the University of Heidelberg

The University of Heidelberg's first-ever series of interdisciplinary lectures on the United States of America begins on Tuesday, 22 October 2002 in the Great Hall of the Old University

For the first time in the history of the University of Heidelberg, scholars and scientists from 10 different disciplines will be joining forces to inform their audience, from the perspective of their respective subjects, on significant historical and contemporary aspects of the last remaining superpower. The subjects represented are history, American studies, theology, law, geography, economics, musicology, sociology, philosophy and political science. The lectures are all in German and their common aim is to contribute to a more objective and in-depth approach to the debate on America going on in Germany at present. The University of Heidelberg extends a warm welcome to everyone interested.

The interdisciplinary series of lectures "Typically American!" sets out to give approachable explanations of special cultural, legal, economic and political characteristics as they have developed in the history of the United States. To this end, many of them make explicit comparisons with Germany and Europe. The series begins on Tuesday, 22 October 2002 at 6 p.m. in the Great Hall of the Old University (Grabengasse 1, 69117 Heidelberg). The first lecture will be given by the Heidelberg specialist on American history, Prof. Detlef Junker. The subject is "The Chosen People. History and National Identity in the United States". The subsequent lectures will take place on consecutive Thursdays, at 6.15 p.m., Lecture Hall 9 in the New University. The subjects are as follows (all lectures in German):

31.10 AMERICAN STUDIES— Dr. Dorothea Fischer-Hornung, Prof. Dr. Dieter Schulz
From Melting-Pot to Salad Bowl.
Multi-culturalism and the American Dream as reflected in literature

14.11 THEOLOGY— Prof. Dr. Gerhard Besier
Religious Freedom in America and Europe.
A comparison

21.11 LAW— Prof. Dr. Winfried Brugger
Protection or Ban on Hate Speech?
A dispute between America and Germany

28.11 GEOGRAPHY— Priv. Doz. Dr. Werner Gamerith
The American Dream?
Ethnic minorities and their education and labour-market situation

12.12 ECONOMICS— Prof. Dr. Günter Liesegang
Industry and Environment.
A comparison between America and Europe


9.1. ECONOMICS— Prof. Dr. Hartmut Sangmeister
The Americas United under the Star-Spangled Banner?
The project of a pan-American free trade zone from a Latin American perspective

16.1. MUSICOLOGY— Priv. Doz. Dr. Thomas Schmidt-Beste
Who Decides What "American" Music Is?
The quest for identity and outside perceptions

23.1. SOCIOLOGY— Prof. Dr. Uta Gerhardt
The Americanisation of Germany?

6.2. PHILOSOPHY— Prof. Dr. Andreas Kemmerling
Pragmatic Truth and Life-Enhancement

13.2. POLITICAL SCIENCE— Prof. Dr. Manfred G. Schmidt
State and Market.
A comparison between America and Europe

Please address any inquiries to:
Prof. Dr. Detlef Junker
Department of History
University of Heidelberg
Grabengasse 3-5
D-69117 Heidelberg
phone: 06221/542477, fax: 542449

General inquiries from journalists can also be addressed to
Dr. Michael Schwarz
Press Officer of the University of Heidelberg
phone: 06221/542310, fax: 54317

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