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7 October 2002

Commemorative Ceremony for Prof. Gadamer on 15 February 2003

Laudatio to be delivered by Jacques Derrida — The University of Heidelberg, the Academy of Sciences and the Department of Philosophy honour the great philosopher

In memory of Hans Georg Gadamer, who died on 13 March 2002, the University of Heidelberg, the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and the University's Department of Philosophy will be honouring their great philosopher with a number of special events. After the traditional interval of a year has elapsed, there will be a commemorative ceremony on 15 February 2003 entitled "Hans Georg Gadamer and 20th Century Philosophy". The laudatio for Gadamer will be delivered by Jacques Derrida, whose own philosophy owes its decisive impulses to Gadamer and Heidegger. In the recent past Derrida has reaffirmed that the roots of his thinking lie in philosophical hermeneutics.

In addition, Jacques Derrida will be holding the Hans Georg Gadamer Humanities Professorship in the summer semester of 2003. The professorship was established by the Department of Philosophy two years ago with the support of Deutsche Bank and the Baden-Württemberg Higher Education Ministry to mark Hans Georg Gadamer's 100th birthday.

While Derrida's laudation will be looking back on Gadamer's life's work as a philosopher, a conference at the University's Department of Philosophy on 9 and 10 November 2002 will be inquiring into the future of hermeneutics. The interdisciplinary dimension of hermeneutics will be given appropriate emphasis. Accordingly, representatives of different disciplines within the humanities will be voicing their views, notably younger academics embodying the future of their respective subjects.

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