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31 May 2002

University of Heidelberg Job Mart Goes One Better

University of Heidelberg's Science-Jobs-De is the only nation-wide, cross-disciplinary information service for academic job vacancies in Germany — 38,000 callers in the last week — New cooperation with Next Wave

Thanks to a cooperation agreement with Next Wave Germany (the online career journal of the magazine Science), Science-Jobs-De, the University of Heidelberg job server, has notably upgraded the services it provides. The aim of the venture is to link notification of vacancies for young scientists and academics with in-depth information on professional career planning.

The University of Heidelberg's Science-Jobs-De is the only nationwide, cross-disciplinary information service for academic job vacancies in Germany. The services it provides come free of charge both for job-seekers and potential employers. Academics hunting for a job can search the regularly updated web archive or have details of the latest vacancies sent to them by e-mail.

Next Wave addresses young academics deciding whether to embark on a career in research and higher education or try their luck on the job market. Reports by young academics, articles by experts ands the latest news from the higher education sector are designed to facilitate the decision-making process. In addition, New Wave offers practical tips on how to write research funding applications and features articles on subjects like the problems of reconciling family life with academic research work, application procedures or things to bear in mind before going self-employed.

Professor Michael Hebgen of the University of Heidelberg's Computer Centre quotes figures testifying impressively to the resonance Science-Jobs-De has had since the mid 1990s. After starting out as an electronic job board for the German Research Council, Science-Jobs-De is now one of the main attractions among the University's web offerings. Every fifth visitor to the University's central WWW pages makes a beeline for it. In the last week alone the server registered some 38,000 visitors. The service publishes about 100 job vacancy pointers every week.

The combination of information on career options, tips on alternative career profiles and professions in New Wave and the regularly updated database with job vacancy ads at Science-Jobs-De represent a substantial improvement in the information available to interested academics. This mix also enjoys great popularity with graduates, doctoral students and post-docs all over Germany.

As both services are available in German and English, they are also valuable for the international market, notably in attracting international academics to Germany. They also make a major contribution to the ongoing support for and qualification of upcoming generations of academics.

More information on both services can be found at for Science-Jobs-De
and for Next Wave (Science).

Contact person:
Prof. Michael Hebgen
University of Heidelberg Computer Centre
phone: 06221/544501

General information also available from
Dr. Michael Schwarz
Press Officer of the University of Heidelberg
phone: 06221/542310, fax: 54317

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