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2 November 2001

Panel discussion: "Uproar in the Ivory Tower?"

The University of Heidelberg after the terrorist attacks of 11 September — Panel discussion on Saturday, 17 November, 5 p.m. in Hall 1 of the Heuscheuer — University of Heidelberg directly affected by the attacks

Firmly convinced that one of the urgent tasks a modern university must fulfil is to address contemporary problems and take an active part in ongoing public debate, the rectorate of the University of Heidelberg has taken the initiative of organising a panel discussion on the terrorist attacks of 11 September. The title is "Uproar in the Ivory Tower? The University of Heidelberg after the Terrorist Attacks of 11 September". Vice-rector for teaching, Prof. Dr. Silke Leopold, and vice-rector for international affairs, Prof. Dr. Angelos Chaniotis, extend a cordial invitation to all those interested in attending. The event will take place on Saturday, 17 November, at 5 p.m. The venue is Hall 1 of the "Heuscheuer" building.

Germany's universities — among them, Heidelberg — are directly affected by the consequences of the terrorist attacks of September 11. They make themselves felt in everyday life at the university: the difficulties students from Islamic/Arab countries have in finding privately let accommodation, the fear of "sleeper cells" and concern about possible "witch-hunts" and a premature curtailment of personal rights and liberties.

Additionally, the attacks themselves, the background to them, their consequences and the response to them are topics that are of crucial interest to the university as a place of research. Political scientists, sociologists, jurists, experts on Islam, historians, representatives of the University International Relations Office, Heidelberg's Non-German Citizens' Council and the police will be discussing the background from which the attacks sprang, their consequences for the University and the role the University can play in explaining, preventing and coping with conflicts.

The following have agreed to participate so far: Prof. Dr. Uta Gerhardt (sociology), Prof. Dr. Detlef Junker (American history), Dr. Raoul Motika (Islamic studies), Prof. Dr. Frank Pfetsch (political science), Dr. Joachim Gerke (University International Relations Office), Herr Ruff (head of Heidelberg's criminal investigation department). A representative of the student body will also be present. An invitation has also been extended to Prof. Dr. Görg Haverkate (constitutional law).

Please address any inquiries to:
Dr. Michael Schwarz
Press Officer of the University of Heidelberg
phone: 06221/542310, fax: 54317

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