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11 October 2001

Latest Edition of Heidelberg Alumni Revue

Features: Public-private partnership at Heidelberg University: new advances in the dialogue between science and business — A career centre for the alma mater — New Heidelberg Latin America Centre in Santiago de Chile — Singing for science

Just out is the new edition of the Heidelberg Alumni Revue, the Heidelberg University magazine specially angled at its foreign graduates. Carmen S. Freihaut's leader, entitled "Advances — The Dialogue between Science and Business", takes a searching look at the potential of the University in the society of the future. It not only reviews the existing links between the University and business enterprises in the region but also outlines new forms of public-private partnership. One example of how genuine dialogue can ensure that the needs of both sides are adequately catered for is the joint venture between the Heidelberg University Hospital and the Cytonet group, a pharmaceutical company.

The necessity for higher education to take adequate account of such developments is written into the new University Law of Baden-Württemberg, where seats of higher learning are explicitly enjoined to facilitate the transition from university life to professional life and to extend their contacts with business enterprises. Alumni Revue outlines what this implies and how Dr. Andreas Bartz and his colleagues at Heidelberg University's new Career Centre intend putting these requirements into practice.

The new Rectorate

The central role in engineering the contacts between the University and its political and business environment in the next six years devolves on the newly elected Rectorate headed by law professor Peter Hommelhoff. Hommelhoff took over as Rector on 1 October 2001, assisted for the first time by four vice-Rectors (formerly three in number). The "Alma Mater" section provides thumbnail portraits of the new Rector and his team.

The job of ensuring appropriate attention for the concerns of women at the University of Heidelberg has been taken over by physics professor Annemarie Pucci. She and her team have elaborated projects and programmes designed to strengthen the position of women in the academic world, a domain hitherto dominated by men.

In the "Heidelberger Splitter" section devoted to miscellaneous news the emphasis this time is on culture. The features include a new and highly unconventional city guide devoted to the haunts of poets, philosophers and famous scholars in Heidelberg. Chief among them is of course the Castle, the venue for the annual Castle Festival. This year's Festival broke with a number of past traditions and the article describes the organisers' new approach.

In "Spotlight" world-renowned heart surgeon Professor De Bakey looks back on his Heidelberg days, as does Professor Hassam Nekuruh, who first came to Heidelberg in 1963 and describes his very personal impression of the city at that time.

"Alumni in aller Welt" takes us to Chile, where Heidelberg University's new study centre is rapidly taking shape, and also to India, South Africa and — much closer to home — the Great Hall of the Old University, the scene of a very unusual event. All this and much more is to be found in the fifth-anniversary autumn edition of Alumni Revue, a fund of interesting information not only for Heidelberg graduates from all over the world.

The latest edition, published by Heidelberger Verlagsanstalt, can be ordered from the International Relations Office of Heidelberg University, phone 49-6221-543489.

Please address any inquiries to:
Albrecht Bayer
International Relations Office

Dr. Michael Schwarz
Press Officer of the University of Heidelberg
phone: 06221/542310, fax: 54317

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