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5 April 2001

Heidelberg Historian Presents Unique Work: USA and Germany in the Cold War

On Monday, 9 April editor Prof. Dr. Detlef Junker presents the two-volume opus at the Foreign Ministry in Berlin: "The United States and Germany in the Cold War Period 1945-1990"

On Monday, 9 April 2001, Heidelberg historian Prof. Dr. Detlef Junker, holder of the Curt Engelhorn Chair of American History at the University of Heidelberg, will be presenting the two-volume manual "The United States and Germany in the Cold War Period 1945-1990" of which he is the editor at the Federal Foreign Ministry in Berlin. The presentation of this remarkable fund of historical research will be introduced by the co-ordinator of German-American cooperation at the Foreign Ministry, Karsten D. Voigt. Former ambassador of the United States of America, John Kornblum, will be giving an appreciation of the new work.

Prof. Junker conceived the idea of pooling research in all these fields in 1989/1990. He began with the actual realisation of his grand design when he was appointed Director of the German Historical Institute in Washington, elaborating the basic structure of the volumes in consultation with a large number of colleagues on both sides of the Atlantic, assembling a board of editors and soliciting the cooperation of 132 scholars for the total of 146 articles the work contains.

This German-American collaboration project is unique of its kind. Never before has an attempt been made to document the interaction between two states, cultures and societies at so many different levels: politics, security, economics, culture and society. There are no studies of similar scope — i.e. extending to societal and non-governmental actors — for relations between America and the Soviet Union, Britain or Japan or for Franco-German relations.

Each section begins with an introductory essay and an annotated bibliography. There then follow anything between 2 and 20 articles on the subject in question. This general layout means that readers can use the book in various ways. For an overall view they can turn to Prof. Junker's general introduction, the ten introductory essays and the article on the period up to 2000 by Prof. Hans-Peter Schwarz; alternatively they can steep themselves in the specific articles on political aspects, security policy, economics, culture or social developments in the two volumes. As each contribution is complete in itself they can also select individual topics of special interest to them.

Die USA und Deutschland im Zeitalter des Kalten Krieges. Ein Handbuch, hrsg. von Detlef Junker in Verbindung mit Philipp Gassert, Wilfried Mausbach und David B. Morris. Zwei Bände, zusammen DM 148, Deutsche Verlagsanstalt 2001.

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Dr. Michael Schwarz
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