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22 March 2001

New Film: Studying in Heidelberg

Multi-media project by Deutsche Welle advertising places to study in Germany - Project supported by the Standing Conference of German University Rectors, German Student Exchange Programme and the Donors' Association for the Promotion of the Sciences and Humanities in Germany

Today, institutions of higher education, qualification systems and places to study are all involved in an international process of competition. Even such venerable seats of learning as the University of Heidelberg are no exception. Education and training have become major economic and competitive factors. Against this background the Deutsche Welle has initiated a multi-media project presenting German study locations to a world-wide audience. Martina Bertram (Deutsche Welle) and Dr. Michael Schwarz (University of Heidelberg), together with Dr. Walter Eckel, the director of the International Students' Centre, presented the project at the Max Weber House.

The project, produced with support from the Standing Conference of German University Rectors, the German Student Exchange Programme and the Donors' Association for the Promotion of the Sciences and Humanities in Germany, is based on a TV series called "Studying in Germany", 27 short films directed by Gero Gemballa and featuring various higher education locations throughout the country. The films are compered by students and scientists/scholars from all over the world taking viewers on a guided tour of the location of their respective institution.

In the Heidelberg film, four (former) students report on their experiences. The most prominent of them is Dr. Mario Fernández Baeza, professor of constitutional law and Chilean defence minister, who did his doctorate in Heidelberg on a scholarship from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. Fernández Baeza calls studying in Germany "excellent for one's credentials" and "very helpful in launching a professional career."

Carl Blesius and Daniel Miller are medical students from the USA who know exactly why they plumped for Heidelberg. For Blesius Heidelberg has "very, very great potential in comparison with other universities in Germany" and is "absolute tops as far as medical research and technology is concerned." Miller chose the university "because of its international reputation and because it's so well-known in America."

Lala Adueva

Lala Adueva hails from a very different background: Grosny (Chechenia). A single mother of two children, she studied biophysics here and worked as an assistant at the German Cancer Research Centre. "Heidelberg is an excellent choice to gain an overview of the various sectors of physics," she says, "one of the best in Germany." Now (the shooting took place last summer) Lala has her degree under her belt and is working on a doctoral dissertation in cosmology.

The film "Studying in Heidelberg" was broadcast last January by DW-tv (receivable via cable or satellite in about 104 million homes worldwide). Like all the other films in the "Studying in Germany" series it is available on the Internet at .

Bert-Olaf Rieck

Please address any inquiries to:
Deutsche Welle Kommunikation
Martina Bertram
phone: 0221/3892041, fax: 3892047

Dr. Michael Schwarz
Press Officer of the University of Heidelberg
phone: 06221/542310, fax: 54317

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