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12 March 2001

Heidelberg at the CeBIT Fair — "med.Live", the Multi-Media Medical Library

Central coordination in the hands of the University of Heidelberg — System revolves round an Internet-based multi-media knowledge base as a further-education platform for medics — Project on show at CeBIT 2001 (Hall 16, B 35)

Today's students are tomorrow's business partners. This is the creed that has prompted a consortium of higher-education institutions and medical experts to create "med.Live". The heart of it is an Internet-based multi-media knowledge base as a further-education platform for people working in medicine, notably abroad. With a view to arousing the interest of potential new partners, the project will be on show at CeBIT 2001 at the joint stand of Baden-Württemberg's institutions of higher education (Hall 16, B 35).

Medicine and medical technology are growing markets. The same is true of international education offerings. "Med.Live" combines these two areas. International graduates from German universities represent an important factor for the positioning of German companies in these markets. Providing life-long continuing education offerings and cultivating personal relations are two ways of maintaining the long-term allegiance of graduates to their universities and also to the products and techniques developed by German companies. With "med.Live" the consortium and over 300 higher-education teachers plan to maintain and enhance contact and exchange with this group of colleagues.

On offer are operation methods, specialist presentations, lectures and didactic teaching modules for the training and continuing education of people working in the medical field. Given the importance of the visual element in describing complicated operation techniques, the multi-media "med.Live" system represents a major advance over conventional textbooks and manuals.

Another new idea is the establishment of an Alumni Advancement Centre run jointly by German universities and companies to maintain contact with graduates via virtual and real course offerings in a network of regional summer schools. Prospects for the success of this project are good, as is borne out by the interest in medical know-how from Germany evinced at various regional symposia in Syria, the Lebanon, China and Brazil.

Please address any inquiries to:
Chirurgische Universitätsklinik Heidelberg
Computer-Based Training Lab (CBT)
Dr. Friedrich Kallinowski or
Heiko Schwarzer
phone: 06221/566520, fax: 564953

Dr. Michael Schwarz
Press Officer of the University of Heidelberg
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