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9 March 2001

Dr. Michael Frank New Honorary Senator of the University of Heidelberg

Rector Prof. Dr. Jürgen Siebke confers title of Honorary Senator on former Senior Vice President of Deere & Company — "The University of Heidelberg has benefited greatly from Dr. Michael Frank's help and advice and his long-standing commitment to its concerns."

Dr. Michael Frank, former Vice President of Deere & Company, is the University of Heidelberg's newest Honorary Senator. At the ceremony conferring this distinction on him, Rector Prof. Dr. Jürgen Siebke underlined Dr. Frank's merits. The University of Heidelberg had benefited greatly, he said, from Dr. Frank's "advice and above all his help" and his long-standing commitment to its concerns.

Dr. Michael Frank (b. 1938) was Senior Vice President of Deere & Company (USA) up to 1998. He was the only non-American member of the Board of Directors and Executive Officers based in Moline (Illinois). In this capacity Dr. Frank was responsible for the regions Europe, America and the Middle East, operating from the John Deere central management unit in Mannheim.

Dr. Frank studied in Switzerland, where he obtained his doctorate, subsequently joining the Deere & Company European Office in Heidelberg. After holding various posts in the United States and Canada he finally returned to Germany where he spent the rest of his professional career.

Under his leadership the Deere companies in Europe were re-organised and successfully attuned to market developments and the competitive landscape. With major investments in expansion and modernisation, the development of new product lines and a number of important acquisitions, his efforts created "numerous competitive jobs in the Heidelberg region and elsewhere", said Siebke.

Commitment to the University of Heidelberg

Dr. Frank's commitment to the University of Heidelberg has taken many forms, including his membership in the Society for the Promotion of the Schurman Library of American History, "a task he has taken a very special interest in" (Siebke). He is a trustee of the Jacob Gould Schurman Foundation and a member of the Heidelberg University Society. He has also been generous in assisting major project-related activities only feasible with the help of outside resources.

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