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7 February 2001

Multi-Media Project on the Advantages of "Studying in Heidelberg"

Media welcome to attend the presentation of the project on Wednesday, 21 February 2001, 3 p.m., at the Weber-Haus, Ziegelhäuser Landstrasse 17, 69120 Heidelberg

The changing role of higher education in the age of globalisation confronts Germany with major challenges. Rival universities, study locations and qualification systems are jockeying for winning positions the world over. Education and training have become factors with a major bearing on the competitiveness and economic clout of states, regions and whole nations. With this in mind, the German broadcasting corporation Deutsche Welle has masterminded an innovative multi-media project, supported amongst others by the Standing Committee of University Rectors and the German Academic Exchange Service.

Conceived on a global scale, the project sets out to advertise the advantages of Germany as a place to study. It provides thumbnail sketches of German universities as seen through the eyes of foreign students and alumni. For the media there will be a special showing of the film on Heidelberg (13 minutes) at a presentation of the project at the University of Heidelberg's International Studies Centre (Max-Weber-Haus) on 21 February (see above).

For more information on the project:

You can see the film on Heidelberg at:

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Dr. Michael Schwarz
Press Officer of the University of Heidelberg
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